about me

Hello, I’m Tom. I am a photographer with a clear focus on people.Specialising in weddings, headshots, aerials, events and travel. ​

I was born in Manchester in 1992 and spent most of my life growing up in Cheshire. However in 2008 I moved to Athens, Greece with my family. This is where my early passion for photography started. Whilst in Greece, at the age of 15, I acquired my first dSLR. Soon I became the school photographer for various school competitions and events. This only intensified my desire to take up photography. Upon completing school I went to Bournemouth University to study Photography. ​

Now, I am based in Cheshire and Manchester having traveled to 70 countries. Currently working full time as a photographer I am available to shoot weddings, life events, headshots, concerts, aerials and anything in between. ​

Please feel free to enquire about any photography, and I will be happy to assist you and talk through what you have in mind. You can view a lot of my work in the 'Portfolio' tab of my website.

Additionally I do have some video experience; especially in aerial and drone work. I am a fully qualified drone operator and happy to work with all kinds of drone footage.