There was a time when aerial filming and photography used to be a prerogative only for Hollywood Blockbusters. There was only one way to get shots from the sky: a full size helicopter. If you translate this into a budget it means many thousands of pounds spent. Now, using drones, I can provide aerial filming and photography services at affordable rates, accessible to any budget. 

The opportunity to use drones is now endless; wether it be for real estate photography, showcasing a businesses grounds, or even flying an FPV drone round the inside of your property to give a new perspective.


Why choose me?

I am a licensed and insured drone operator with over 10 years experience, having worked with hotels around the world and filming commercials for major companies such as Nike, Manchester United and The Mallorca Tourism Board. 

With over 8 different kinds of drones I am covered from all angles to be able to provide the service you are after.

Simply send me a message on my contact page with your query and ill be happy to get straight back to you to provide a quote.


Hi I’m Tom, a Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Manchester, I work all over the UK photographing weddings in a candid, natural way that tells the story of your day.

You may ask, what is a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

The real story of your wedding from a guests-eye point of view
A Documentary Wedding Photographer will tell the story of your day, through candid, un posed images. It allows you to spend all your time with your friends and family, without any awkward posing or hours of formal group shots.

Why choose me?

My style of photography isn’t scripted or staged, it’s just pictures of things happening at a wedding – it’s you, as you are, who you are, what you feel. I don’t do cheesy poses, fake smiles or stuffy formal photos. I’m all about authentic emotion, the stolen kisses, the belly laughs, the tears of joy, the kids being kids and everything in between! To put it simply, I do real moments, captured beautifully.

My approach on a wedding day is relaxed and informal as I want you to feel comfortable with my presence, as if I was just another guest. Even if you are camera shy, you can have stylish, natural wedding photographs that illustrate what a brilliant time you had.

Of course there is a need for formal photos (but this is entirely up to you) but I do advise that we keep the formal or not so formal photography down to minimum to give me more time to capture more natural moments and interactions between you and your guests and give you more time to enjoy the day and spend time with your friends and family and enjoy the party!

I’ve always loved capturing events and I used to shoot candid pictures all the time when I was a teenager. I went on to study to become a professional photographer at the University of Bournemouth. In 2010, I gained a degree in photography before setting up Tom Groves Photography.